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Advanced Engine Diagnostics

Alpha Autoworks offers advanced engine diagnostics using the latest tools and procedures available with access to factory service information and diagrams as well as technical service bulletins and recall information. You can trust that the technicians at Alpha Autoworks are highly trained in the use of these advanced tools and how to use the information these tools provide to it's maximum potential.

Comprehensive Engine Repair

Alpha Autoworks performs all types of engine repairs ranging from minor part failures or fluid leaks to catastrophic damage. We are meticulous in our processes and leave no trace. Our quality control process is second to none. Every vehicle receives a quality control check to ensure the problem was fixed before it leaves the premises.

Car Engine Parts

Preventative Maintenance

Alpha Autoworks performs routine maintenance based on factory recommended service intervals. Spark plugs, air filters, fluid flushes, accessory belts, timing belts and hoses are all items that fall under routine maintenance. 


Brake Systems

Braking is critical to vehicle safety and control.  Our technicians are certified brake specialists so you can rest assured, your brakes will be there for you when you really need them. We have experience with regular passenger car brake systems as well as high performance brake systems.


Exhaust Systems and Fabrication

We regularly install high flow exhaust systems, mufflers and headers. With an experienced welder on duty we can repair your existing exhaust system to OE specifications instead of replacement. Complete one off exhaust system fabrication is available upon request. From regular passenger cars and trucks to high performance machines, we can get it done.  


Suspension and Steering 

A vehicle with failing or worn suspension and steering components will be more difficult to control. Suspension parts typically wear slowly over time so you might not notice that a vehicle has become more and more unstable until a major failure occurs. A major failure could be a dangerous situation. If you feel as though it takes a lot of effort to stay in your lane get it checked out.

Heating and Air Conditioning 

Our versatile technicians are certified in modern and old school automotive HVAC systems. We know how uncomfortable it is to drive around in the middle of summer with no A/C or in the winter with no heat. Comfort is our second most important priority behind vehicle safety. If you're not comfortable then we're not comfortable. 

Transmission Repair

We are experienced in the diagnosis and repair or replacement of manual and automatic transmissions, including modern CVT transmissions and DCT transmissions. Your vehicles transmission is responsible for taking the power from the engine and transferring it to the wheels through the driveline.



Humming, roaring, growling, whining, clicking, clunking or chatter while driving down the road or going into gear? Your driveline may be trying to tell you something. Is your 4 wheel drive engaging? Is your 4 wheel drive stuck on? Let us be the judge and make sure everything is meshing together correctly.


Electrical Systems

Electrical problems driving you crazy? Window won't roll back up while rain is pouring inside the vehicle? Lights dont work even though bulbs were replaced? We can fix that. Electrical problems can make you question your sanity. Thankfully we've been around awhile and we've seen a thing or two. Sometimes thinking outside the box is necessary to find and repair those annoying electrical gremlins.


Wheels and Tires

Where rubber meets the road! Oversized, low profile, street performance, track performance all terrain, mud boggers, fuel efficient and plain Jane function, we have experience with them all. Being the only thing on your vehicle that actually contacts the road, we've spent many hours studying different tire types and characteristics. If you have a specific question about tires or wheels, we can answer it. 


Aftermarket Suspension Upgrades

The staff at Alpha Autoworks is highly trained in suspension upgrades on all vehicles. From lifted pickup trucks and SUV's to lowered street/track performance cars. Whether it be coil over suspension with double wishbones, straight axle or leaf springs we have the knowledge to transform your vehicle exactly how you want it.


Welding and Fabrication

Our in-house welder/fabricator has been practicing his skills for a number of years learning mig welding, tig welding, stainless steel welding, exhaust welding and suspension and frame modifications. We have high standards when it comes to custom work and take it very seriously. 


Engine Performance Upgrades

If you've got the bug for more power, we can provide you your fix. More boost. More torque. More top end. Better cooling. The stuff dreams are made of, eh? Let Alpha Autoworks turn your dreams into a reality.

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