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My name is Billy Smith. I am the founder of Alpha Autoworks. I am a northern Virginia native, born and raised in Chantilly and I'm currently living in south riding. As of right now I am a one-man team. At the age of 15 in 2008, I started at square one working in my father's automotive repair shop "Chantilly Automotive" in Chantilly, VA. sweeping floors, taking out the trash, stocking shelves and running parts. As time went on, I started changing oil, replacing tires and performing general maintenance, then moved into diagnosis and repair of customer vehicles. During that time, I amassed a great deal of knowledge from the brilliant minds inside those four walls. I am forever grateful to have had that experience and learn from those men. Especially my father, who showed me the ropes and took advantage of every teachable moment. In 2014 I left "Chantilly Automotive" to work in a dealership. 

Fast forward to 2016, I started repairing vehicles for friends and neighbors in my home garage. Word quickly spread about what I was doing. It was during this time I realized that opening my own automotive shop is something that I wanted to do. This is when the idea of Alpha Autoworks became something that was possible for me. I spent many long nights by myself in that garage dreaming of owning an automotive repair business. At that time, I was only 23 and not yet in a position to make that move. Since then, I went to work in another dealership, still learning and growing every day and continued doing side work until April 2020. 

In the beginning of 2020, I got the ball rolling to quit my nice, secure job as a dealer tech to venture off into the unknown. Shortly after that, news started to spread of a novel corona virus. This virus was known as covid-19 and it took the world by storm. Businesses were shutting down, the public was in a state of panic and there was little known information out there on the characteristics of this virus. All things not good for business. Things were not looking good. A month before my scheduled end date at my current job, a statewide "stay at home order" went into effect. There were many people that told me it was a bad idea to jump ship at my current job. I was terrified of what may happen. After a lot of thinking I made the jump anyways and I'm proud to say Alpha Autoworks has been in business about 2 years at the time of writing.


Alpha Autoworks is an affordable, dependable, family owned and operated, full service automotive repair shop. We're car people, we're people people. Our mission at Alpha Autoworks is to leave each and every vehicle better than we found it. We pride ourselves our attention to detail, integrity, transparency and professionalism. We come from very humble beginnings and a school of hard lessons learned. We believe in small business and strong American values of courage, fortitude, resilience, patience, equality and shared common goals. We're dedicated to providing our clients with the highest value possible and peace of mind behind the wheel.


Thank you for choosing Alpha Autoworks.


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